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Hey there, my name's Shane. I created this course because I think that service businesses are the most under-rated, under-valued & misunderstood business models...

When I started my agency back in 2016, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to get clients, I didn’t know how to pitch a project, I didn’t know how to manage a team.

Yet somehow, within a matter of 3 months I’d made my entire previous year’s salary. And by the end of my first year I made more money than I ever had before (by a magnitude of 3). Absolutely mind blowing 🤯🤯🤯.  I spent the next 5 years testing, experimenting, learning, and refining. Each year, revenue increased. 

By year 6, here’s what it looked like: 

— Working 1-3 hrs per day 

— Landed my first $100k job 

— Hit upper 6 figures (in profit)

But aside from that, the coolest part was that I actually had the freedom to do what I wanted to do. To design my days the way I wanted. To go on trips. To work on side projects and new businesses.

So what happened? What was working?

Well, I can tell you for damn sure it wasn’t me. I’m not exceptionally talented or skilled or smart.

The truth is, what was working was the model. You see, i’d pieced together this weird hybrid. I brought the best parts of both freelance and agency worlds together under one roof (but without all the BS). 

The freedom and flexibility of a freelancer…

Combined with the earning power of an agency…

I truly believe that this model can work for anybody. If you’re willing to follow the playbook and put in the hard work, you can have success with a micro-agency. I’m truly not exaggerating when I say that this business really changed my life. It allowed me to live on my own terms, to be my own boss, and make some pretty good money too. Big agencies suck. Freelancing sucks. There is a huge opportunity there in-between if you just know how to find it. 

If this sounds good to you, I encourage you to take a peek around, do a little exploring. Feel free to ping me with questions: [email protected]


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What You'll Learn

I designed this course to give you everything you need to build your very own micro-agency (from start to finish).



Quick Start

What you need to know to get started — today. Skip the fluff, tangible changes to cement your position as an agency owner. 



Model Design

Capitalize on the micro-agency model so that you can avoid the pitfalls of freelancers and traditional agency owners. 



Team Building

Build a team of reliable, talented contractors without coming out of pocket or spending all your time managing. 



Positioning & Offer

Get premium clients that pay the big bucks. Develop an offer that sets you apart from competitors & makes clients come to you.




Attracting the right clients means nothing if you can’t close the deal. Stop pitching, develop a sales process that makes the clients pitch you.




Build a business that runs (mostly) on its own. Define airtight processes so that your team can actually do the work instead of looking for you to solve every problem.



Productized Solution

Package your service to make fulfillment & delegation a breeze. Spend less time managing, fewer client calls, more consistent outcomes.



Project Process

Have an ace fulfillment process that leads to consistent, quality outcomes and gives your clients the confidence that you know what you're doing.



Delegate & Manage

Learn to effectively delegate to your team so that you dont end up spending all your time executing the work. 

The curriculum

Welcome to the course
What you can do with a service business
Agency > Freelancer > Micro-Agency
How to use this course 

Mindset shift
Quickstart launch list (0 to Agency in 48 hrs)
Raising your prices
Handling your existing clients

The finances of delegating
Delegation myths
Contractors v. employees
How to store and access contractors 
Contractor Bullpen walkthrough

Must know principles for hiring contractors
Hiring process (overview)
Step 1: Where to hire
Step 2: Crafting the perfect job post
Step 3: How to set payment terms & pricing
Step 4: Screening & vetting
Step 5: Filter & selection
Step 6: Try before you buy (The pilot project)
Behind the Scenes: Watch me hire for a recent project

How to differentiate from the competition
Target Client: Are they accessible?
Target Client: Are they capable of paying?
Target Client: Are they used to paying?

5 Elements of a perfect offer
1. Creating your context statement
2. Building a value proposition
3. Service stacking for higher prices
4. Choosing the right pricing strategy
5. Removing risk
Examples of winning offers
Real world agency offers
How to validate your offer
How to price your service (the pricing matrix)

Why you need a sales process
Selling psychology 
The 3-meeting framework (manufactured rapport)
Meeting 1: Ballpark Budget Negotiations
Meeting 2: Convey expertise w/ advanced discovery
Meeting 3: Closing & maximizing project price

What is productization?
Agency systemization flywheel
1. Building your process map
2. Designing a streamlined solution
3. Trimming the fat
4. Maintaining quality in delegation 
5. Automation 
6. Documenting your processes (SOPs)
Agency Operating System (Behind the scenes)
Bonus: SOP Database & Templates
Bonus: Project brief template

Choosing an entity & business setup
Taxes & payroll
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Business Insurance (yes or no?)
Everything you need to know about contracts

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What's inside the course?


Next cohort coming in November

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30-day 100% money back guarantee.

Why join the beta?

As mentioned, there’s a $500 beta-discount. I’m doing this because the course is in it’s early phase and that means it’s likely not perfect. So I want your help. As part of the beta group I’m asking that you help me identify any weak area so I can plug holes as we find them. 

This is the last chance to get the course at this price. It’ll be going up in the next launch. Use code BETA2 at checkout.

Since I know this course isn’t perfect, I want to make sure you have access to any future upgrades. 

If you guys make a good case for a new video or a new module, I will create it.

How many times have you walked away from a course thinking — “Good course but I really wish they would’ve covered XYZ.” Well, chances are good that if there’s a gap, I will fill it. For example, I’ve already added 3 additional videos (60+ min) after feedback from Beta 1.

Finally (and most important) because this is the beta group, I am heavily invested in your success.

Why? Because I’m selfish and I want to prove this works :). I want a tribe of micro-agency owners out there on the internet talking about this model changed their life!


To be honest, this course was originally designed for people who already have some sort of freelance business going on. However, I’ve had multiple students (with zero prior experience) go through the course and they said it was still valuable/helpful. It may be a little advanced for you, but if you’re a smart cookie i’d be willing to bet you’d do fine. 

No worries, if for any reason you don’t find the course valuable within 30 days we’ll send you a full refund. However, we do ask that you at least watch 50% of each lesson (ie give us a chance to knock your socks off). 

First of all, I totally get it. That’s how I felt too. 

  1. You can run a micro-agency completely by yourself. I did it for the first 1.5 years of my business. So if you’re not ready to bring on some help, no problem. The model doesn’t hinge on it. 
  2. I’d be willing to bet that as you go through the course, you might change your mind. Hiring doesnt have to be complicated or messy or hard. And if you know what you’re doing, you wont actually have to spend a ton of time managing either. We teach a low-touch management strategy in the course. 

WHy a micro-agency?

Great question. If you haven't heard me harp on this before, let me break it down for you. The existing models are broken!

The problem with


On the one hand, we’ve got freelancing. While it certainly offers freedom and lifestyle flexibility —it has some major flaws. 

Firstly, your earning potential is severely limited. Freelancers simply don’t command premium prices. And it’s really hard to get access to the best clients with the biggest budgets.

On top of that, you’ve got no leverage. As a freelancer, you’re not really a “business owner,” you’ve basically just given yourself another job — trading time for money. 

The problem with

An Agency

If you go the traditional agency route, then yes, you command a higher price (and might get access to bigger budgets), but at what financial risk?

Your expenses are through the roof —hiring employees, getting an office, stocking the snackbar.

And because your profit margin is so low you’re constantly stressing about whether you’re going to make payroll next month just to cover your overhead. The average agency takes 2 years to reach profit. 

No thanks. 


Welcome to the Micro-Agency. The benefits of both models, without all the crap.

So what is a Micro-Agency?

Well, to me — it’s the future B2B service. The micro-agency is an attempt to get the best of both worlds, with none of the bad stuff. A hybrid. Pulling the super powers of both models into one.

What if — like an agency — we coulde charge premium rates and get access to premium clients?

What if — like a freelancer — we could get to profit quickly, and be agile enough to easily whether downturns, and have the control & freedom to actually enjoy our lifestyle?

With a Micro-Agency you…

Charge agency prices, without agency expenses.

Client's automatically expect to pay more for agencies due to their high overhead. The average hourly rate for freelancer is $50, the average agency rate is $200.

Get the leverage of a team, without the risk of payroll.

You need leverage to make real money. But employees are expensive & risky. We don't want to be on the hook for a salary when we don't have any work coming in, right?

the power of a



Next cohort coming in November

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30-day 100% money back guarantee.


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